Eyes On Damascus - EP

by Eyes On Damascus

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released December 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Eyes On Damascus Sterling Heights, Michigan

Jonathan Borowski - Vocals / Bass
Zach McAllister - Lead Guitar
RJ McAllister - Rhythm Guitar
Aarin Covyeau - Drums

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Track Name: Undeserved
Verse 1
I am a prideful man
So sick and so insensitive
I am the selfish one
Angry and unrepentive
But you came near, but you came near

This is grace, This is favor
So undeserved, So undeniable
You showed your face, and I saw it in the Darkness
Cutting through, Breaking through

Verse 2
You gave me your word
I beat my head against it
You offered up a promise
But I wouldn’t hear it
But you came near, but you came near
Track Name: Fervent
Just take a second, and be honest with me
What was hidden from you that you’re dying to see
Let’s step back, and take a look at your past
The example that you’ve set will leave you broken in half

Let’s just breathe
And stop wasting time
That’s much better spent
Than examining the words you said

Verse 2:
Let’s be honest, I’m an option at best
You feel like your time is much better spent
On anything that suits your taste
While my jealousy is stirring you’ve forgotten your place

I’m holding my breath
This fervent love, has been one-sided at best
So let’s begin
To rebuild, and undress these burdens from your chest
Track Name: Lion's Bride
Ignore the flares that light the sky.
They will light the path for the lion’s bride.
The demons reach and the snakes will bite
The ground will shake for the lion’s bride.

When the darkness hides the light ahead…
When it’s so cold you can see your breath…
Just take another reach my love.
My blessings cover every step.

This could be hard you might not see,
the path that’s leading straight to me.
You might be blind, and it might seem,
the alter is out of reach.